Useful websites

The internet is a great source of information though remember that the websites, videos and so on could be about beekeeping in other countries, very different climates, various species of bees, places with different forage for the bees, or have less than accurate content.   So do be careful about the information you are engaging with.  As beginners you might want to focus on some of these sites first.


Beespoke – an information miscellany for beekeepers.  A local and really useful source of excellent information and resources, with a focus on our native Apis Mellifera Mellifera (AMM) bees.


The Department of Agriculture Food and Marine, the statutory and regulatory authority for beekeeping in Ireland provide information on beekeeping and honey.


The Native Irish Honeybee Society (NIBHS), the organisation that works for the conservation and promotion of AMM and produces excellent resources for new beekeepers.


NUI Galway Wild Honey Bee Study.  A more technical, yet very interesting source of scientific and academic information and research about wild AMM bees.


The Irish Beekeeping group on Facebook us a great source of information and exchange about all things bee related in Ireland