S.K.B.A. Membership Includes

  • Membership of Irish Beekeepers Association (IBA)
  • Beekeeping Insurance
  • Access to discounted Tamperproof labels
  • Online magazine with articles and informative videos
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Education system/online lectures for members and beginners
  • Equipment like honey extractors are accessible to members
  • Books from the library are available to all members on a monthly basis. 
  • Discounted Bee Craft magazine
  • Annual quiz with prizes

Members can contact in**@so********************.org with any queries 

South Kildare is a Conservation Area (CA) for the native Irish honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera and we support The Native Irish Honey Bee Society (NIHBS).

Prior to 1930 there was no tradition of beekeeping or honey production in South Kildare. In the years since the Association was founded a number of dedicated men and women have made a major contribution to the raising of honey production standards and today bottled honey bearing the South Kildare Association label is guaranteed to contain honey of a high standard and appearance